ASIF (Mortgage Fund)

ASIF (Mortgage Fund)

The Australian Securities Income Fund enables an investor to select and invest in a specific mortgage security sourced and managed by Australian Securities on terms approved by the investor.

Investment Overview

Investment Objective

To achieve a minimum net monthly income 3% above the cash target rate within acceptable risk parameters.

Investor suitability

Mortgage securities are suitable for:

  • Superannuation funds
  • Retirees and Pension funds
  • Individuals seeking a secured fixed income
  • Trustees
  • Institutions
  • Not For Profit Organizations e.g. Charities, Foundations, etc. with a minimum $35,000 investment.
Investor control and strategy

A variety of mortgage securities are available with different risk and income scenarios. The investor selects the mortgage security then sets the amount of their investment knowing the term of their investment, the interest rate and any terms unique to their mortgage security.

ASL manages the mortgage security to ensure the client receives an optimum income and return of capital from their selected mortgage security at investment maturity.