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The ASL Finance team are trained to find solutions to match your client’s financial needs. Often a complex transaction can be simplified by talking to one of our Finance Managers.

Finance Fee Facility™
Our Finance Fee Facility has been used by introducers for nearly 15 years as the preferred alternative to commission remuneration. It allows the introducer and finance client to agree on fees and payment methods to reward the introducer’s effort to secure their finance and continue to monitor their loan. ASL facilitates the transaction at no cost to either party. ASL cannot interfere or vary the facility terms. Nor does ASL prohibit introducers from referring clients to other lenders.

Fee payments [based on fixed fee or loan value] are collected for the introducer as an upfront fee, or a term fee paid with monthly interest payments or a combination of both fees to suit you and your client.
ASL collects the fees for you at no charge from the loan advance or with interest payments and credits them electronically to your nominated bank account each month.

Further information on this service can be provided by contacting the ASL Finance team today on 1300 275 275.