Borrowing for Business

Small to Medium Enterprises achieve their financial goals with Australian Securities Limited to effectively run their businesses without covenants on their business performance.

The Basics

  • Small to Medium Enterprises;
  • Self-Employed;
  • Professional or Trade


  • Low cost funding
  • Choice of fixed or variable interest for terms up to 5 years
  • Flexible repayment options to suit your business needs;
  • No restrictive covenants on your business which allows you to get on with your business;
  • Standard rollover available as a pre-approved client;


  • Loan must be secured by real estate;
  • Company constitution and Trust Deeds to be provided (if applicable);
  • Directors to be Guarantors of the loan;
  • General Security Deed to be executed by the company;
  • Business must be able to establish serviceability (contact your finance manager to find out requirements);
  • A conservative loan to valuation ratio;
  • Business Pack Financials 

Please contact your ASL Finance Manager for further details about ASL Business Funding Requirements on 1300 275 275.

As ASL does not know your financial position or personal requirements, ASL recommends that you seek advice from a financial planner on the merits of your fund holding property as an investment and the quality of property fits your purpose.