About Australian Securities

Australian Securities believes every Australian should be financially independent.

We achieve this by designing investment and finance products to be unique, innovative and flexible to suit all our eligible investors and finance clients familiar with the:

  • Australian Securities Income Fund; and/or
  • Australian Securities Property Fund.

Australian Securities complies with stringent net tangible asset and licence requirements to be self custodian of all securities under its management.

Since our early beginnings which date back to 1925 Australian Securities has grown organically into its current business model designed for investors seeking to have control and knowledge of their investments and finance clients looking for tailored financial services

Clients can alternate between investment or finance depending on their investment strategy cycle or life cycle to suit their needs. Investors can choose or diversify their investments for interest income from a mortgage security in the Australian Securities Income Fund or rental income from an investment property held by the Australian Securities Property Fund.

We are not a bank and we do not offer bank products. Our products should not be compared to bank products. We are unique and invite your interest and enquiry. Minimum investment and finance requirements apply.